Recording session in pictures

What an intensive and powerful recording session that was!

Thanks to Bartłomiej Oleś for composing the beautiful "Cat's Songs - 17 Haiku for piano". Incredible combination of notes which led to very unique sound & sound effects.

Thanks to Michal Rosa Bruelsound Rosicki for the magical sound you catch up on the microphones.

Thanks to Haczeku San for the beautiful images.

Blanka Tomaszewska - thanks for being so well organised with absolutely everything from accomodation to a morning coffee. You are the star!

And big thank you to Piotr Solak for keeping the incredible Steinway & Sons perfectly tuned during the whole session.

Last but not least Thank you to Director Radosław Czajkowski for letting us to use this beautiful hall.

More news to come! Stay tuned !

8 kwiecień 2023