Samantha Whates's album launch...

A few months ago I recorded various keyboard instruments (and even some glockespiel!) for a beautiful new recording by Samantha Whates. Just yesterday Samantha launched that album "Dark Nights make for Brighter Days" and I'm pleased to show here one of the songs, The Light...

The Light

11 October 2011

MOIQ - UK Spring Mini-Tour 2011

This spring my quartet is going on tour across UK. There will be three dates and three great concerts (I hope so), so please see below where and when you can see & listen us live.

Spring Mini-Tour in UK
31.03. RECITAL ROOM, Glasgow 19:30
01.04. REID HALL, Edinburgh 19:30
02.04. THE WAREHOUSE, London 19:30

2 March 2011

Chopin Preludes for Archie Wernham

Two Chopin’s Preludes from Op.28 which I recorded for Archie Wernham. Both were his favourite. Archie passed away on Sat 11th Dec 2010. He was a special person for me. Every month he supported me on my Chopin’s recitals in Britannia Panopticon. He was on my every single jazz concert as well as classical and Music Hall Shows. Here for you Archie one more time your favourite Preludes…

Prelude 4:

Prelude 6:

16 January 2011