"Cat's Songs - 17 Haiku for Piano". Released.

I'm happy to announce that the new album "Cat's Songs - 17 Haiku for piano" composed by Bartłomiej Oleś was launched on the 8th of December '23 under Polish publisher Audio Cave. After a long break - six years! - since my last solo release the new one is finally here. I'm very pleased with the sound and vibe of those little pieces which are perfect when you relax, meditate or while reading the book. Of course, I reccomend this jewel to all music lovers who are interested in such a set up and sound.

An excerpt from the liner notes:

"Cat’s Songs" is a very special album for me for several reasons.

First of all, although my name brands the music, I do not perform a single note on it. This task was undertaken by the exceptionally talented pianist Mira Opalińska. I have to admit this was a tough one, since the music is really not as simple to play as it seems. Like the eminent Icelandic composer Johann Johannsson once said – „I really feel that you understand these simple little pieces of mine, which not all classical players do – you understand that it is not easy to play simple music well.” It takes a great deal of awareness, humility and a willingness to delve into the music to capture its spirit. For this, I thank Mira very much.

You can listen full album across all streaming platforms as well as buy the phisical CD which is available worldwide from Audio Cave bandcamp website or direct from me (contact via email).

12 January 2024