Time for Goldberg Variations

It's time for big classical come back! Good few months I was thinking and digesting the idea about J.S.Bach and his Goldberg Variations and here we are..... the big work is in proggress and I just reached Variation number 12.

It's far from the final version but the best quality taking long time of preparations but when it's done it will stay for long time. In the end I will see how much I improved my musical and technical skills, all of them. Goldberg's were my black horse dream for a while and because life is passing very quickly I didn't want to keep it as a dream for any longer. I'm full of hope that by the end of 2016 the work will be completed and next year it's going to bring some beautiful moments with playing this masterpiece in many different places on beautiful pianos across different parts of this World.

Someone wise who I'm lucky to know said "Life is all about collecting a nice moments", so this is one of it.

I will up date the blog every now and then to share my thoughts, feelings, pictures and possibly audio in next months, so stay tuned if you are interested to read more about my Goldberg's journey.


28 April 2016